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Our History

Selden Fire Department

Selden Fire Department's new Rescue 29 which was dedicated in February 2010.

Selden Fire Department Rescue Company 4 at Structural Collapse Operations Course presented by Collapse Rescue Systems Inc.

On February 9,2010 the Selden Fire Department put a new rescue truck in service. The vehicle, a 2008 demo model Spartan chassis with an 18 foot Hackney rescue body is designated as Rescue 29 and is dedicated to technical rescue. The truck was purchased from and the compartments were fabricated by Long Island Proliner in Medford.

The unit holds numerous tools and equipment to start a technical rescue operation including confined space, high angle, building collapse, and trench rescue. Selden operates with the Brookhaven Technical Rescue Task Force and any additional equipment would be supplemented by the departments that are also part of the task force.

Prior to this rig, Selden operated out of a GMC 3500 10 foot box truck. The new rig offers 40 inch deep compartments, an on board PTO generator, seating for up to 8 and a tremendous amount of extra room for future growth.

The members of the Selden Fire Department technical rescue team put a lot of hard work into making this truck work. This unit was a demo model and was bought as is with no prior committee work to customize it. Many hours were spent on packing the truck compartments, unpacking them and reconfiguring to make everything fit in an efficient manner.