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Our History

    On June 2, 2009 BTRTF was activated for a Level 1 wilderness search response.

» BTRTF Holds Tower/Lead Climb Drill
» BTRTF Trains in Ronkonkoma
» Driver Makes His Own Drive-Thru at N. Patchogue KFC
» BTRTF Drills at LIPA Plant
» Driver Makes His Own Drive-Thru at North Patchogue KFC
» BTRTF Drills at LIPA Plant
» Setauket Receives New Rescue
» BTRTF Drills at LIPA Plant
» BTRTF Takes Part in Trench Rescue & Shoring Training
» BTRTF Trains with Natural Gas Storage Facility
» BTRTF Responds for Car into Building in Sound Beach
» BTRTF Responds for Car Into a Building
» Long Island FFs Conduct Hands-on Training in Balt.
» BTRTF is Called to a Building Collapse in Hagerman
» BTRTF Participates in the Suffolk Co. Seminar
» BTRTF Trench Rescue Drill
» BTRTF Responds to a Level III Confined Space Rescue Assignment
» BTRTF Welcomes the Miller Place Fire Department
» Communications Tower Rescue in Manorville
» Offsite News: Man Caught 500 Feet in the Air on a Communications Tower
» BTRTF Trains with the Suffolk County Fire Marshals
» BTRTF Called to Ronkonkoma for a Trench Collapse
» Offsite News: BTRTF Conducts a Water Tower Drill
» BTRTF Conducts Training at the Smithhaven Mall