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Confined Space Rescue Training

Confined Space Rescue
Are you trained to operate in Confined Spaces?
  • Holds of Ships
  • Tanks
  • Manholes
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Boilers
  • Vaults
  • Areas of possibility of engulfment and entrapment
Whether you are required to meet the Awareness, Operations or Technician level training. Our programs are designed for all members of the Emergency Services. From Probationary members, Chief of Department, First Responders, or Paramedics -- Confined Space Training is a must!

Out of all Confined Space related deaths, 66% are WOULD BE RESCUERS. Don't become a statistic. Be AWARE of the hazards of confined spaces and be PREPARED to effectively handle a confined space incident.

  • Confined Space Awareness (CSA) - Long Island Rescue’s CSA program is designed for Fire/Rescue personnel that are responsible for responding to and operating at confined space incidents (CSI). Our CSA program ensures that Fire/Rescue Personnel have the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) to function at a CSI. CSA is the minimum level capability of Fire/Rescue Personnel that respond to CSI. Awareness level trained personnel may make assessment and resource decisions, perform some operations but rarely will ever be involved in the actual rescue operation involving entry into a confined space. CSA level training is designed to keep Fire/Rescue personnel responding to and operating at a CSI ALIVE.
    Confined Space Rescue
  • Operations Level
  • Technician Level
  • Refresher & Back to Basics - Our Refresher & Back to Basics Courses are designed to reinforce the Knowledge, Skills & Abilities of already certified individuals. Whether you are required to meet Awareness, Operations or Technician Level standards, let Long Island Rescue assist you sharpen and hone your skills!
  • Air monitoring, Meters & Ventilation
  • Supplied Air Operations, SCBA & SAR
  • Space Isolation & Lock Out/Tag Out
  • Patient Packaging

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