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» Photos: Meat Grinder and Heavy Metal Rings

» Photos: Snow-Blower, Chipper & Soda Machines
Impalement Exercise
» Photos: Impalements

» Photos: Dough Mixers

During a recent fundraiser hosted by the Miller Place, Long Island, Fire Department Truck Company students participated in 20 hours of intense training.

After completing four (4) hours Awareness level lecture, students rotated through four (4) hands on training (HOT) stations. The four (4) stations included further description and practice with hand tools, power tools, both hydraulic and electric/battery and torches.

The four (4) HOT stations included:

  • Station I: meat grinders, heavy metal rings
  • Station II: snow-blower, wood chipper, and soda machine
  • Station III: impalements on both rebar and wrought iron fences
  • Station IV: a commercial dough mixer

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