Long Island Rescue, Inc.
NYS Courses Offered by Long Island Rescue, Inc.

Here is a list of NYS courses offered by Long Island Rescue, Inc. Please be reminded that every course offered by Long Island Rescue, Inc. meets and/or exceeds NYS Fire Academy and NFPA 1670 curriculums.

Fire Training

  • FAST - rapid intervention
  • Firefighter Safety & Survival
  • Ladder Company Ops
  • Engine Company Ops

Technical Rescue

  • Hazardous Material Awareness, Operations, Technician
  • Confined Space Awareness and Safety
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Rescue Technician - Basic and Confined Space Awareness/Rescue
  • Intermediate Rope Rescue
  • Advanced Rope Rescue II
  • Basic Structural Collapse Operations
  • Medium Level Structural Collapse Concepts
  • Medium Construction Related to Building Failure
  • Emergency Rescue Shoring Concepts
  • Void Search and Rescue Concepts
  • Medium Structural Collapse Operations: Tools
  • Medium Structural Collapse Operations: Exterior Shoring
  • Medium Structural Collapse Operations: Interior Shoring
  • Medium Structural Collapse Operations: Void Search and Rescue
  • Basic Trench Collapse Concepts
  • Basic Trench Collapse Operations
  • Advanced Trench Collapse
  • Accident Victim Extrication Training
  • School Bus Rescue
  • School Bus Rescue Practical Skills
  • Introduction to Water Rescue
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Ice Rescue
  • Elevator Emergencies
  • ERT: Basic Concepts
  • ERT: Tactical Considerations for the Emergency Medical Service
  • ERT: Tactical Considerations for Hazardous Materials
  • WMD Technician Level Refresher
  • ERT: Strategic Considerations for Command Officers
  • ERT: Technician
  • Emergency Response to Chemical WMD Agents
  • Domestic Preparedness: Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness
  • Domestic Preparedness Response to Radiation Incidents
  • Domestic Preparedness: The Role of Policy Making Officials
  • Domestic Preparedness: The Supervisor's Role in Safety

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