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Fire District Reconnaissance & Pre-Planning

Long Island Rescue's Fire District Reconnaissance & Pre-Planning Program offers you an experienced outside agency to assist you pre-plan your fire district. The professional staff of Long Island Rescue will work with your team to ensure that your agency is prepared to handle a Technical Rescue Incident. We will also work with you to develop Pre-Plans for structural fires.

Be Proactive! Have a plan.

Collect & Record Critical Information.

Think of the Hazards in your Response area or District!

• Confined Spaces
• Manholes
• Vaults
• Ship Holds
• Construction
• Trenches
• Excavations
• Collapse Potential
• High Angle Areas
• Tall Buildings
• Buildings Outside the Reach of Ladders
• Elevator Shafts
• Cliffs
• New Construction
• Long Hose Stretches
• Water Relays & Water Shuttles
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