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Tangled Mask
This SCBA was removed from a firefighter that became trapped in the basement of a private dwelling fire. The "slinky" is the inner support of flexible duct work that runs throughout the ceiling. After the ceiling collapse this "slinky" will be hanging, waiting for a firefighter.

Know your SCBA Emergency Escape Procedures

• Carry Wire Cutters -- Something small, yet strong enough to cut a heavy gauge wire.
• Carry them in your Right-hand coat or bunker pocket
• If the cutter was carried on your left-hand side, you would not be able to reach them with your right hand. Your left hand is holding your SCBA shoulder strap, The "Death" grip, used while performing the "quick release" emergency procedure.

Do Not Become A Statistic....for more information on SCBA Emergency Procedures or contact Long Island Rescue

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