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Trench Rescue
According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), there is an average of 60 Trench Collapse related deaths annually. Of those 60 deaths, 77% are construction workers; the rest are would-be-rescuers. Statistics have show us that there are 11 times the number of reported injuries to deaths. Do not Become a Statistic.

Do You Have the TRAINING? Do you have the Equipment? Are You Prepared?

At Long Island Rescue we provide the best in Trench Collapse training and equipment to handle Trench Collapse Incidents.

Choose from any one, or all of our Trench Collapse courses:

Awareness - Long Island Rescue’s TCA program is designed for Fire/Rescue personnel that are responsible for responding to and operating at Trench Collapse Incidents (TCI). Our TCA program ensures that Fire/Rescue Personnel have the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) to Function at a TCI. TCA is the minimum level capability of Fire/Rescue Personnel that respond to Trench or Excavation Accidents. Awareness level trained personnel may make assessment and resource decisions, perform some operations but rarely will ever be involved in the actual rescue operation involving entry into a confined space. TCA level training is designed to keep Fire/Rescue personnel that have responded to, or are operating at a TCI ALIVE.

Trench Rescue
Trench Rescue
Trench Rescue
Trench Rescue
Trench Rescue
Trench Rescue

Trench Rescue Operations (16 Hours) - The Trench Rescue Ops program teaches rescuers trench rescue operations, trench collapse, soil types, federal regulations, ICS, preplanning, hazard recognition and control, patient assessment and treatment considerations, stabilization, rescue and recovery, proper shoring techniques utilizing timber and specialized equipment. Both classroom lesson plans and hands-on practices in live trenches will give the student a well-rounded understanding of the typical trench collapse. Both pneumatic and timber shoring will be utilized.

Trench Rescue Technician (24 Hours) - This course involves team development, equipment and organization of a trench collapse rescue team. In addition, hands-on training with more complex scenarios, such as; "T" and "L" trenches, heavy equipment movement, air bags and supplement sheeting and shoring in deep trenches, those greater than 8'.

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